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Netweeks is a news and media publishing site dedicated towards bringing you the latest news related to science, technology and entertainment around the world.
Established in 2016, we strive to deliver latest news and analysis to a diverse audience around the world.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a stated guideline for media who accept products of value and cash payments as quid pro quo for product mentions and reviews. Our writers are directly compensated by Onlint Inc. and are not paid in any fashion by third party vendors. However, in some cases, a third party, representing a vendor, will provide Netweeks with products for reviews. In such cases, the third party is considered the vendor and all applicable rules still apply and a full disclosure will apply in associated articles.

Our writes are required to abide these standards and work diligently to provide honest and un-influenced opinions. All vendors that are reviewed and represented understand that by reviewing, representing, or covering the costs for an event, does not guarantee, in any form, a positive refection of the event or product.

You can read our editorial policy here.

Editorial Team and Staff

Omor Sarif

Omor found Netweeks back in 2016 as a hobby while pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree at Bilkent University. He found Netweeks to share tips and tricks related to web design and development. Since then, he has found Onlint Inc., a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of businesses around the world.

Ali Afsari

Ali Afsari is the co-founder of Netweeks. Ali discovered his passion for Finance and Investment while he was in college. During college, he operated his own publication and managed a small staff of writers. Apart from finance, he is also interested in anything related to smartphones and automobiles.

Sabrina Sergi

Sabrina is working as an editor for Netweeks. She is a specialist in communication and international relations. She previously served as an assistant in the communication department of the Italian branch of Doctors Without Borders. In addition to Netweeks, her works can be found in Europinione where she is serving as a freelance author and editor.

Matt Manners

Matt is a contributing author for Netweeks and covers news related to movies and television. He is also owner of a full-service video agency that creates content that enables businesses to reach their goals. With a passion for visual storytelling, Matt’s years of expertise enable him to operate simple videography jobs to lead complex production projects, bringing professionals together.

Thoaif Ahmed

Thoaif is currently serving as an Editor for Netweeks. He fell in love with programming in college and is self-taught himself different languages. He is currently working for Lottiefiles to help others to bring their ideas to life. Apart from programming, he is also passionate about science and technology.

Sophie Potaeu

Sophie is a contributing author for Netweeks. She’s been writing for Netweeks since 2017 and oversees news contents on the site. She’s currently living in France and is working as a consultant for Sopra Steria.

Richard Robson

Richard is currently working as a news reporter for Netweeks. He's always loved tinkering with things to figure out how they work and how they can be improved. He enjoys writing about current technology and ran a blog for several years before starting to write for Netweeks.

Shaown Ahmed

Shaown Ahmed is a contributing writer for Netweeks. Shaown is currently completing his masters in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. He joined Netweeks to contribute with his academic and technological insight. He strives to make difficult concepts easy to understand for daily tech enthusiasts.

Aaron Mccawley

Aaron is a contributing author for Netweeks. He started writing about technology in 2016 when he joined Netweeks where he regularly wrote about laptops, tablets, smartphones, components and peripherals. When he isn’t covering news related to technology, he’s probably busy watching a variety of television shows.

Agapi Drakaki

Agapi Drakaki is a reporter for Netweeks after graduating from the Department of Information Management at Bilkent University. She started covering news related to Internet and social media on Binzbit as a hobby and currently serving as Junior Project Manager at Enstronga. Agapi also likes to reflect on how technology, culture, and art intersect and impact society.

Anil Alemdar

Anil Alemdar’s journey in gaming started back in 2008 when he first started playing World of Warcraft. He served as president of Bilkent Media Society before joining Netweeks as an author. He currently covers breaking news related to gaming for Netweeks. When not writing, he is busy trying out different games with a growing addiction for Overwatch.

Çagatay Yilmazer

Çagatay Yilmazer is a contributing writer for Netweeks. He fell in love with astronomy and renewable energy in college and is currently serving as Technical Services Specialist at DuPont. His hobbies include PC gaming (mostly RPG and strategy titles), GPUs, and 3D graphics. He currently covers news related to space exploration and astronomy for Netweeks.

Aryan Homayoun-Bod

Aryan is an Associate Editor for Netweeks and previously served as president at ESN Bilkent, a non-profit organization dedicated towards supporting and developing student exchange programs. When not working, he is busy learning about internet and social media strategy.

Cağla Pehlivanoğlu

Cağla Pehlivanoğlu is a contributing author for Netweeks. She completed her MBA from University of Amsterdam and is currently serving as the director of Express Döviz. She covers news related to business and finance for Netweeks. Some of her hobbies include reading and travelling.

Chris Mccairns

Chris is a contributing writer for Netweeks and is enthusiastic about the world of computers, technology, gaming and mobile tech. Following his graduation from college, he entered the IT world. When he is not is not working or playing, he loves to hit the gym or going for a swim.

Habil Ganberli

Habil Ganberli is a software engineer who is a contributing author for Netweeks. He is fascinated by the way computers work and likes to reflect on how technology, culture, and art intersect and impact society. He previously served as iOS app developer for IOTIQ and Acmus.

Mehmethan Bayar

Mehmethan Bayar is a writer for Netweeks. He found Bilkent Media Society to follow his passion for movies and television. He currently covers news related to movies and television for Netweeks.

Oguz Bayar

Oguz Bayar is currently working as a contributing author for Netweeks and covers news related to music and media. He found Bilkent Talks, a platform created to help university students who are interested in sharing their experiences in front of an audience. His hobbies include driving, travelling and playing sports.

Richard Griffith

Richard is a contributing author for Netweeks. He is a tech enthusiast and always thrives to know how things work whether it's computers, audio systems, graphic design or automobiles. His hobbies include gaming, traveling, collecting & learning about gadgets.

Roger Shelford

Roger is a contributing Author for Netweeks. He has a general love for all technology and tries to be bring enthusiasm to presenting tech and the things he's passionate about. Roger is currently covering news related to smartphones and related technologies for Netweeks.