Valorant Reveals Its New Agent with Cinematic Trailer

Riot Games introduced the brand-new agent coming to Valorant ahead of the Valorant Masters Reykjavík grand final.

The reveal comes after Riot teased the new agent for quite a while now. The new agent, nicknamed ‘Fade’ hails from Turkey and has been introduced with a cinematic trailer along with a gameplay preview scheduled after the event.

For now, we know that her role is initiator meaning you’ll be expected to be on the front line while playing her. In case you’re interested, you can check out the trailer below.

Riot described her with the following:

“Good night, VALORANT Protocol. Fade, VALORANT’s new Turkish Initiator Agent, steps out of the shadows to stalk her prey with equal parts terror and tactics.”

Valorant is currently available for PC and free-to-play with optional paid contents that don’t affect gameplay.

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