Microsoft Adds Improved Library and Now Playing Screen to Media Player for Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new update for the revamped Media Player app for Windows 11. The version 11.2203.30.0 is now rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel with a number of interface improvements and user experience tweaks.

In the official blog post, Microsoft revealed that the latest Media Player update brings an improved media library UI. Additionally, users will now be able to switch between two different views on the artist page. The first view shots all of the available albums and the second one groups all songs by albums in a list.

Apart from this, the update introduces new quick action gestures. You can now hover over albums, artists, videos, and playlists for quick selection and playback.

Lastly, the latest update now allows user to right-click the ‘Now Playing’ screen to access different options. These options include the ability to open new files or go to the album or artist page. Additionally, the page contains a new set of video enhancements that you can use to adjust the brightness and contrast of the video.

Microsoft has revealed that the developers are currently working on improving the app under to allow it to handle larger music libraries better. As the new Media Player for Windows 11 is a relatively new program, it requires more polish and improvements.

As the update went live alongside the latest Windows 11 preview build, it might take few days for all of the Windows Insiders to receive the update.

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