Google Unveils Its ‘Switch to Android’ App, for iOS

As you can imagine, switching from one operating system to another is a significant friction point for consumers at multiple levels. These hurdles include moving user data, getting used to the new user experience, and perhaps the availability of the applications. If you’re planning on moving away from iOS to Android, then you’ll be glad to know that Google has announced its free Switch to Android iOS app.

The app requires users to have a Google account as well as internet connection as the app completes the migration via Google Drive. Google has revealed that the app will transfer the typical data such as Contacts, Calendars, Photos and Videos. However, some of the apps’ data aren’t transferred as it’s not officially supported yet.

As apps aren’t migrated, you’ll need to find the Android version of the applications or similar ones. However, it’s likely that Google will introduce an API in future to help with the entire migration process of apps data.

Previously, users would be required to use the alternative option of ‘Backup to Google Drive’ method in case they wanted to migrate from iOS to Android. As a result, the new app will be a welcome change for those consumers.

In addition to the traditional data transfer, Google’s official app is also giving users option to use Google Photo to move existing photos.

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