Google to Show Data Labels for Apps Listed on Play Store

Although advertisers weren’t particularly happy when Apple unveiled its plan to become more transparent of users’ data on its platforms, Google is moving in similar direction.

Google has announced that Play Store apps will begin displaying “Data Safety” information starting from this week. The label is similar to the App privacy sections for Apple apps. As it stands, Google Play apps pages must include this information by July 20th with the search engine giant trying to provide more information than Apple through this new page.

Apple introduced pages for apps on Apple’s platforms back in 2020. The feature, titled “privacy Nutrition labels”, list what information an app collects and tracks. For instance, developers are required to disclose if different companies can use these data across various services.

While advertisers didn’t welcome the change with open arms, Google is moving towards similar direction. Although the Play store pages will feature similar list, Google requires Android developers to provide a list of what data they use and the reason behind the collection.

Despite this initiative, it’s likely that developers might circumvent the rules. For instance, last year, the Washington Post found that several apps were secretly collecting and sending user data although it wasn’t outlined in the list. As a result, it’ll be interesting to see if Google’s decision to add more details in the information page helps the end users in the long run.

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