Google to Let Users Disable Automatic Updates for Chromebook

Chromebooks have come a long way since earlier days as they remain to be some of the easiest devices to maintain largely as the latest updates are handled automatically in the background. However, it also means the update can sometime interrupt your workflow as you might not want to install the upgrade to the newest version immediately. You’ll be glad to know that Google is currently working on a feature that’ll allow you to disable automatic system updates.

According to a new report from 9to5Google, the latest commit to Chromium Gerrit reveals that the tech giant is working on adding a toggle to allow users to disable automatic updates. However, the feature needs to be enabled from a flag and the toggle’s functionality is clear from the description. When the feature becomes available, it’ll allow users to control the automatic updates directly from the settings page. It’s unclear however, if users will get a notification to let them know when an update is available.

If you’re an avid user of Chromebook, then you might already know that there are multiple ways to delay latest updates for the Chrome OS. For example, you can delay the installation for a while by not turning your Chromebook off. Additionally, you can turn off automatic update by setting your Wi-Fi network to metered mode. Both of which aren’t practical as the latter one disables all of the automatic updates including latest updates for Android Apps.

As already mentioned, both of the methods to disable automatic updates aren’t practical and can have negative impact on user experience. As a result, it’s good to know that Google is currently working on the feature. When available, you can simply turn the option on to install the latest updates at a convenient time. At the moment however, it’s unclear when the feature will become available or if it’ll make to a future build of Chrome OS.

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