Google Announces Autocorrect Feature of Formulas to Google Sheets

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Although people with access to Microsoft 365’s office suit use Excel Online, Google sheets is pretty strong alternative. The app has come a long way with Google releasing regular feature updates. And now, Google has added option to autocorrect formulas for you in Google Sheets.

This latest addition comes after Google introduced the ability for Google Sheets to suggest formulas for you. Thanks to the latest update, formula corrections now help users to write complex mathematical and logical calculations with more confidence.

The new feature is also context-aware and will allow users to troubleshoot different formulas with east. Whenever Google Sheets detects that a formula can be improved, it’ll offer a suggestion box with recommendation as well as associated details. Afterwards, you can choose to accept or reject the recommendation. In case you’re interested, you can check out the functionality below:

Although Google hasn’t unveiled an extensive list of formulas the Sheets can correct for you, some examples include VLOOKUP errors, missing cells in input range, and locking of ranges when applying formulas across a series of cells. As with other features, the new autocorrect feature is likely to improve over time.

Although the Formula Corrections will be enabled by default, those who don’t want to use it can go to Tools > Enable formula corrections to toggle it off. The functionality will be available for Google Workspace, G Suite, and Google personal accounts but will be released gradually. As a result, you might need to wait a bit for the feature to appear in your account.

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