First Beta of Android 13 Is Here with Improved Media Controls Among Other Features

Following two developer previews this year, Android 13 is set to enter beta later this week. This marks a major milestone for the upcoming operating system as it introduces improved media controls alongside new error reporting tools.

Google announced the start of the beta on Tuesday for developers to test their apps on Android 13 as well as for users who are interested in getting an early look at the fresh operating system. At the moment, only latest Pixel phones meaning the Pixel 4 and above are compatible with the operating system. In case you’re interested in signing up, you can check if you’re device is compatible while enrolling in the beta.

As for the features, with Android 13, developers will now need to accommodate to a new system as Google wants to give users more control over what local media files apps can access. Prior to Android 13, users would grant an app access to any media file but now will be able to specify access to different media files such as pictures, media or audio files.

Apart from the better media control, the upcoming operating system includes a new API that will significantly improve routing audio from apps to devices. Additionally, the beta introduces detailed error reporting in Keystore and KeyMint. As a result, developers will get more tools for key generation, encryption, and signing.

Although we’re still months away from the official release, Google expects the operating system to reach stability in June prior to its release few months later.

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