Bungie Is Adding a Fresh Way to Play Old Raids and Dungeons for Destiny 2

Bungie has finally decided to introduce highly anticipated legacy content rotation that’ll allow players to play old dungeons and raids.

In a blog post, the publisher outlined the upcoming feature after teasing the idea last year. The company wrote, “We’re breaking up our new Rotator system into Seasonal and Weekly categories so that players can have a little additional freshness when taking on the weekly hunt for power.”

Starting from this upcoming season, every week will feature a raid and dungeon from previous seasons and expansions. The new raid and dungeons will always give pinnacle rewards. Interestingly, pinnacle loot will also be added to the featured legacy activities every week.

Some of the raid rotations include Forsaken’s Last Wish, Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation, Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt, and the remastered Vault of Glass. As for dungeons, Shattered Throne, Pit of Heresy, Prophecy, and the Grasp of Avarice.

If you didn’t have the chance to play these raids and dungeons, then it’ll be a welcome change as it’ll allow you to collect loots on top of adding pinnacle rewards. Most importantly, Bungie’s removing the weekly limit for legacy raids and dungeons.

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