Apex Legends’ Flashpoint Limited Time Event Is Now Playable

It might be a good idea to log into Apex Legends if you haven’t played the game for a while. That’s because the popular limited-time mode Flashpoint is back through the Unshackled Event. In case you didn’t know, the mode removes the healing items from the loot pool and replaces them with ‘Flashpoint Zones’.

During the event, there’ll be two unique weekly challenges that players can participate and unlock event cosmetics. These events are as follows:

April 19 to April 26

Key prizes include:

Unique Badge

Epic Charm

Epic Re-45 skin

Epic Seer Skin

April 26 to May 3

Key prizes include:

Unique Badge

Rare Apex Pack

Epic Boxing Nessie Holospray

As for the events, here are the cosmetics you can unlock during the event:

Legendary skins:

“Machine Language” Crypto

“Bad Bot” Pathfinder

“Quantum Collision” Wraith

“Slingshot” Valkyrie

“Prison Pacifier” CAR

“Terminated” Hemlok

“Digging the Grave” Peacekeeper

“Pyromania” Rampage

Players can also buy Unshackled Packs to get:

April 19 to April 26

Unshackled Pack: 400 AC

Decrypted: 700 AC

Hack and Slash: 1,000 AC

A Gaze Eternal Bundle: 2,150 AC

Ring Leader Bundle: 2,150 AC

Prison Pacifier Bundle: 2,500 AC

Machine Language Bundle: 4,000 AC

April 26 to May 3

Unshackled Pack: 400 AC

The Warrior Empress: 1,250 AC

The Centurion: 1,250 AC

XL-R8 Bundle: 2,000 AC

Gasbuster Bundle: 2,000 AC

Prison Pacifier Bundle: 2,500 AC

Machine Language Bundle: 4,000 AC

Here are some other details of the Unshackled Event:

Unshackled Event Packs are available for a limited time during the Unshackled Event.

The items are going to be available in the standard Apex Pack pool of items after the event ends.

Unshackled Event Packs guarantee players one non-duplicate Unshackled Event item.

The new event introduces 40 new cosmetic items around the Unshackled theme.

Unshackled items can be crafted with crafting metals. After two seasons, crafting metal costs of Unshackled Items may be reduced.

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