Android 13 Might Come with a Hub Mode to Improve Tablet Experience

Google has been pushing to make Android more user friendly for large-screen devices and it seems that the tech giant is looking to offer more improvements for tablets and other large-screen devices with Android 13. According to new report from Esper, the upcoming version of Android will offer a new Hub Mode for tablets along with several other improvements to the docked tablet experience.

This report comes after the first Android 13 developer preview became available earlier which hints significant improvements to the docked tablet experience alongside several other upgrades. If you’re an avid user of Android, then you already know that the current version of the operating system doesn’t allow users to share applications and games across profiles for security purposes. However, it hinders consumers’ multi-profile experience.

However, the first developer preview hints than the Android 13 will allow users to share applications between profiles without accessing the sign-in data or switching between different profiles. Additionally, the aforementioned Hub More will allow ‘trusted networks’ to prevent users who aren’t connected to the same network access shared application and data.

Furthermore, the first developer preview of Android 13 reveals that Google is planning on improving the docked tablet experience. Some new features include the ability for kernels to recognize charging docs by their power supply. This could consist of a new idle power-saving behavior.

Lastly, the new launcher seems to include a ‘kids mode’ for the navigation bar that is similar to Android’s screen pinning feature. While we’ll have to wait to find out more, it’s likely that the feature will prevent children from accessing certain apps.

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