Alfred Molina Comments on the Future of Doc Ock Following Spider-Man: No Way Home Outing

Alfred Molina returned to reprise his role as Doc Ock after 13 years in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The character saw redemption for his character as he appeared alongside other iconic villains including Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Jamie Fox’s Electro. However, Molina revealed that he feels that the character had its last outing in big screen.

During an appearance on the Household Faces with John Ross Bowie podcast, he said, “What made Jon Watts’ Spider-Man movies and Sam Raimi’s movies so wonderful is that they were both directed by people who, and had creative teams of people, who absolutely love the genre, they love this world. This is a huge thing for them and they take it very, very seriously and they’re very passionate about it. So the detail that goes into it is just phenomenal. But as an actor, very much you’re… a functionary in a sense, particularly if you’re playing the bad guy, because you have to fulfill certain functions. But what makes this movie interesting and different from the previous one is that, here we see the full redemption, certainly of Doc-Ock, which makes me think that maybe they may be putting him to bed. Because I don’t think you can be a good person with a moral compass who turns into a villain, and then comes back to being the decent person he was and then [back again]… I don’t think that would happen.”

Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man: No Way Home became one of the biggest movies despite ongoing pandemic as it became one of the biggest movies in the MCU. Moreover, it became Sony’s highest grossing movie of all time to confirm that audiences are more than thrilled to watch similar movies. However, Marvel had spent a lot of time to ensure that everything works to hold up the continuity.

Unfortunately, Sony tried to tried to set its latest release Morbius with Spider-man in more ways which created a number of issues with the movie. Despite its high expectations, Morbius is underperforming at the box office to prove that multiverse works only when it’s done right.

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