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343 Unveils Two New Maps for Season 2 for Halo Infinite

Although Halo Infinite’s multiplayer components made their way to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on November 15, 2021, the release received mixed reactions from the gaming community due to limited amount of content. The season 1 didn’t receive a lot of praise from fans largely due to the unfairly steep Season 1 reward curve. However, it looks like 343 is looking to address these issues with upcoming Season 2 titled “Lone Wolves”.

With the upcoming season, the developers are adding at least two new maps and three new modes. This revelation comes shortly after 343 teased season 2 on short 30-second trailer showing off some short gameplay to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the upcoming season. Moreover, if the trailer is anything to go by, the seasonal awards will reflect the aesthetics inspired by the season’s title.

Earlier today, 343 released a new trailer to showcase the two new maps for season 2. From the two and a half minutes trailer, it looks like the two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker will address specific gameplay that weren’t present in the original 10 maps.

Both of the new maps will be added to the game during the season 2 update later on May 3rd. According to 343, Break is a large set of ‘banished shipbreaking yards’ and is underpinned by a river of molten lava that connects the map down the center. The map is designed to address the lack of big team battle capable map as the map is designed for 12v12 mode. Considering the number of vertical structures throughout the map, it’s unsurprising that 343 announced a new King of the Hill mode for season 2.

As for the other new map Catalyst, 343 is bringing few classics from Halo 3 as it looks like a combination of the Epitaph and Guardian maps from the beloved title. The map’s tighter scale meant to support Slayer style deathmatches rather than larger firefights.

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