YouTube Begins Testing Timed Reactions with Emojis

If you use SoundCloud and similar platforms on a regular basis, then you can see that comments are littered throughout a song. This feature is particularly useful for visitors as users can leave comments on certain parts that they really like. Thanks to the feature, the uploader and other visitors can have the idea about it.

Interestingly, YouTube has been testing out this feature for a while now and it’s still in beta. And now, the company has announced a new feature they’re testing out in form of timed reactions. The feature is basically timed comments but with reactions. In case you don’t want to leave comments, you can simply choose a reaction in form of an emoji instead.

The feature is similar to what Facebook has been using for years. On Facebook, users can react to a post without words in case they don’t want to comment on the post. According to YouTube, “If you’re watching a video that is part of this experiment, you can react and see crowd reactions by opening the comment section of the video and tapping into the reaction panel.”

Surprisingly though, the reactions will be anonymous but the company expects it to be helpful for those who are watching a video and might want to jump to the more interesting part in a more efficient manner.

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