Ubisoft Delays The Settlers Reboot Following Fans’ Feedback

Although Ubisoft announced a reboot for popular RTS title The Settlers back in 2018, the title suffered multiple delays since then. However, earlier this year, Ubisoft finally gave a fresh look at the reboot as it presented a beta with March 17th launch date. If you were looking forward to the title, you’ll be disappointed to know that Ubisoft has delayed the game again.

In an official statement on Twitter, the developers at the Ubisoft Düsseldorf thanked the fans their participation in the beta and revealed the reason behind the decision to delay the game further.

The studio said, “As we went through this feedback, it became clear to our team that the quality wasn’t yet in line with the team’s vision. Therefore, we took the decision to postpone the launch of the game to a later date.”

The studio hasn’t revealed the new launch date for the reboot project but has promised more information coming soon. The team added that it’ll be using the extra time to improve the gameplay experience.

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