Microsoft Reiterates Its Commitments to Resolve Windows 11 App Issues through App Assure

Microsoft’s Windows 11’s launch wasn’t as smooth as the company might have expected as the latest operating system had several problems at the time of its launch. However, the tech giant has been improving the operating system on a gradual basis. Few days earlier, the company has reiterated its commitment for App Assure that focuses on compatibility bugs and issues.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft’s App Assure program aims to resolve compatibility issues across devices by bringing Microsoft’s own team members and app developers together. Few days earlier, the company announced its commitment to the program by saying, “Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, App Assure can provide application compatibility assistance and help you feel confident upgrading your devices to Windows 11. As part of Microsoft’s commitment to app compatibility, the goal is that all of your apps simply work after the upgrade to Windows 11, with no changes required. If you do encounter a compatibility issue on Windows 11, though, App Assure engineers will work with you to help resolve the issue in addition to working with engineering teams to find and fix the root cause.”

Microsoft first introduced App Assure program shortly after Windows 11 launched in October last year to the general public. As Windows 11 is now moving into next phase, Microsoft is planning on several big changes to the Dev Channel builds with the latest build 22567 launching just yesterday.

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