Apple Is Reportedly Cutting Down iPhone SE 5G Production

Apple announced the new iPhone SE 5G in an attempt to provide option to those consumers who wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to splash cash for one of the flagship models. However, the company’s plans didn’t go according to plan and the company has reportedly cut down production of the iPhone model.

The latest news comes thanks to several reports including one from the Nikkei Asian Review and the other from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Both claimed that Apple is cutting down production of iPhone SE 5G by as much as 20 percent due to low-demand for the model. These claims come shortly rumors suggested that Apple was planning on cutting down production due to the ongoing global chip shortage.

The news isn’t particularly surprising considering the customer’s reaction to the smartphone. Although the smartphone’s price tag might be appealing to some customers, the phone lacked features that are present in other flagship models. Some users criticized apple for using a design that is couple of years old at this point. Moreover, the smartphone lacks other features that are around for several years and are present in other Android smartphones in the same price range.

Although Apple hasn’t shared how many iPhone 5G the company has sold thus far, it’s likely that the figures haven’t reached the company’s expectations. As a result, the tech giant is cutting down on the productions.

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