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Apple Updates iCloud to Bring Support for Mobile Browsers

Although it’s difficult to imagine a day without smartphone in modern times, Apple kept its iCloud platform’s complete features exclusive to desktop browsers for a long time. Although users could access their contents from mobile platform, the quality of the service on mobile browsers was pretty poor. Thankfully, Apple has now updated its iCloud website to bring native support for mobile browsers. Thanks to the latest update, users can now access notes, documents and other contents directly through their iPhones and Android smartphones’ browsers.

As you might already know, if you own an Apple device, you will have an iCloud account similar to Google account that is accessible through web browser. Similar to other product, Apple offers access to a number of products through the online platform including pages which is similar to Google Docs.

Thanks to the latest update, users will now be able to access their documents from mobile devices if they are away from their Macs. Additionally, other contents such as photos, numbers, contact list etc. will be accessible from the mobile version.

As mentioned earlier, up until now, users could access their accounts from smartphones from mobile devices. However, in order to do so, users would require to put their browsers to ‘Desktop Mode’. While it was possible to access the contents, the entire process was problematic due to smartphone’s smaller screens.

As mentioned by Apple Insider, you will be able to access your iCloud account from your mobile devices without using the desktop mode. However, only a number of apps such as Find iPhone, Notes, Photos, and Reminders are available for users at the moment. It’s unclear if Apple is planning on bringing support for others apps from mobile devices in the near future.

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