YouTube Now Lets You View Others’ Comment History

YouTube Now Lets You View Others’ Comment History

Hate speech as well as other kinds of negative contents are nothing new and companies are working towards solving the problem. For instance, YouTube has gone through some major changes over last couple of months to make the platform more suitable for viewers. And now, the company has introduced a new feature that addresses with comments on the platform.

With the latest changes, YouTube now gives users a new profile card that contains more information about any user if you click on the user’s profile picture in the comments of a video. The information in the profile card contains information about a user’s channels as well as the number of subscribers on their channel. Additionally, it also gives others ability to subscribe to the channel. Moreover, in case a user’s subscriptions are public, you will see the channels they are currently subscribed to.

While these features should help up and coming content creators to grow their audience, the most important feature of the channel is the ability to view how many comments a user has left on the channel’s contents you are currently viewing. Moreover, you will be able to view most recent comments which will also take you to the related video. While we will have to wait to find how the recent changes affect the community interactions, Google has decided to introduce the changes in an attempt to increase community engagements.

While the feature is pretty limited, it can help out everyone significantly to identify if someone is consistently leaving negative comments on the platform. At the moment, the new feature is only available to YouTube app for Android. Although Google hasn’t confirmed anything, it’s likely that the feature will be available to users of other devices as we move forward.

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