Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Concept Phone’s Launch is Delayed

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Concept Phone’s Launch is Delayed

2019 has been one of the best years for smartphone enthusiasts as manufacturers around the world released several high-end devices. Back in September, Xiaomi announced its futuristic Mi MIX Alpha smartphone that showcased one of the most intriguing smartphone designs. While we already have foldable smartphones, the Mi MIX Alpha features a screen-to-body ratio of 180.6 percent which covers almost entirety of the smartphone. Although the smartphone was scheduled to be available in December, it never happened.

According to a recent report, Xiaomi has delayed the launch of the smartphone. While disappointing, the news doesn’t come off as a massive surprise. Few weeks earlier, rumors surfaced that the company was facing technical difficulties related to the design of the smartphone. However, shortly afterwards, Huawei’s Mate X became available for purchase. This created expectations that Xiaomi would be able to release the smartphone as planned.

However, it seems that it won’t be the case at this point as Xiaomi hasn’t revealed when it plans to release the smartphone to consumers. Although the smartphone is available in the online store at the moment, it’s not available for purchase and it’s unclear when Xiaomi intends to start the pre-ordering process.

Apart from unconventional design, the Mi MIX Alpha features some of the most exciting specifications. The smartphone is made out of ceramic and titanium. Additionally, the smartphone will come with Samsung’s 108MP 1/1.33-inch sensor. As for the hardware, the Mi MIX Alpha will pack a Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 12GB storage, 5G connectivity as well as 4,050 mAh battery with fast charging capability. The Mi MIX Alpha will cost about $2,800 when it becomes available to consumers.

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