Wikipedia Is Available in Turkey for the First Time Since 2017

Wikipedia Is Available in Turkey for the First Time Since 2017

After being unavailable for almost three years, Wikipedia is now accessible in Turkey. The restoration comes as the country’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the country’s ban on the platform is a violation of freedom of speech. Shortly after the ruling, the Wikimedia Foundation has confirmed that internet service providers have started to restore access to the site.

In case you didn’t know, Turkey blocked Wikipedia back in April 2017 after Wikimedia refused to delete pages that said that the government had co-operated with IS and Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation said, “We are thrilled to be reunited with the people of Turkey. Wikimedia we are committed to protecting everyone’s fundamental right to access information. We are excited to share this important moment with our Turkish contributor community on behalf of knowledge-seekers everywhere.”

While the restoration should come off as a relief, it’s unclear if the Turkish government will look for another way to block access to the website. However, the Wikimedia Foundation has said that it is currently looking at the ruling as the organization will continue to advocate for free expression in Turkey and around the world.

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