The New Mutants Director Reveals the Reason Behind PG-13 Rating

The New Mutants Director Reveals the Reason Behind PG-13 Rating

Although X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants was in development in Fox long before the company’s merger with Disney, the movie went through a long list of problems over last couple of years. Earlier today, Disney officially released The New Mutants’ trailer. Interestingly, the studio has decided to go for PG-13 rather than R-rating.

Disney’ decision to go with PG-13 is an interesting choice given R-rated horror movies are pretty popular among movie goers. Moreover, those who are associated with the movie has long said that the upcoming movie will feel more like a horror movie than a traditional comic book movie. If you have watched the trailer, then you might already know about the hype. However, director Josh Boone recently revealed that the movie was always meant to be a PG-13 flick rather than R-rated movie.

He wrote, “The movie has always been and will always be PG-13. There was never a plan for an R-rated movie.”

If you have followed the development of the movie, then you might recall that Fox initially released a teaser trailer back in October 2017. However, the movie got delayed a number of times and several R-rated comic book movies have gained immense popularity among fans. Despite that, as Disney is known for P-13 rated movies, it’s not particularly surprising to see the upcoming movie following the same route.

Talking about the upcoming movie, Bill Sienkiewicz said, “Scary film at PG-13. The atmosphere, mystery, & tone of Josh’s direction makes it work. The cast is stellar, not horror tropes who split from the group 1 by 1 like idiots only to get offed. They’re a team united; forged by the horror, and that’s new take. Bravo Josh & Co.”

As of now, The New Mutants is set to hit theaters on April 3 later this year.

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