Tesla Has Delivered 367,500 Vehicles Last Year

Tesla Has Delivered 367,500 Vehicles Last Year

Tesla over the years have faced number of problems along with increased competitions from other automobile manufacturers. Despite all of its problems, Tesla has managed to meet its expectation for production for last fiscal year.

Tesla attracted a lot of criticisms last year due to its employee management which negatively affected the production. However, the electric car manufacturer solved its production related problems. The company recently published its financial report for the last quarter. According to the report, Tesla delivered 367,500 vehicles during last year. Most importantly, Tesla has claimed that the numbers might be on the conservative side and the actual number might be little bit higher.

This is an impressive accomplishment given Tesla delivered just over 245,000 vehicles in 2018. As for the last quarter, Tesla delivered 112,000 vehicles. This isn’t unexpected considering the last quarter is the time period when people receive expensive gifts during the holiday season.

Tesla has said that it expects to see improved numbers in the coming years. Tesla has already started production of vehicles in its Shanghai-based Gigafactory, and another Gigafactory is expected to break ground sometime in 2021.

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