Samsung Unveils New Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

Samsung Unveils New Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

Samsung is well known among gamers for the company’s offerings for gaming monitors. For several years now, the company has offered a rage of budget curved monitors for gaming. If you are looking for high-end monitors, you will be glad to know that Samsung has now introduced a new gaming monitor lineup that will meet most of the gamers’ needs.

The new Odyssey gaming monitor lineup includes two different models as of now. The curved QLED monitors, G9 and G7, come with 240 Hz display to give you smooth experience while gaming. While the G9 lineup features a 49-inch curved ultra-wide monitor, the G7 features 32-inch and 27-inch variant.

In case you are interested in G9, the 49-inch monitor features world’s first Dual Quad High-Definition (5120 x 1440) resolution. Additionally, both of the monitors feature 1ms response time to give gamers best possible experience as input delay can hamper online gaming experience significantly. G7 on the other hand, comes with 32-inch and 27-inch models with Quad High-Definition (2560×1440) resolution.

As for other features, the new Odyssey gaming monitors will come with support for Nvidia G Sync. Although the certification process is still in progress, consumers can expect the feature to be available when the monitors are available for purchase. Although not specified, AMD FreeSync might also be available at the time of release.

As you might have guessed already, Samsung hasn’t yet revealed the pricing for the upcoming monitors. But the company has said that it expects to release all of the variants around the second quarter of 2020.

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