Samsung Galaxy S11 to Get a Significant Camera Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S11 to Get a Significant Camera Upgrade

As you might already know, Samsung is set to unveil Galaxy S11 later next month. Ahead of the highly anticipated smartphone’s announcement, new details are coming out on a regular basis. And now, rumors have started surfacing that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 will introduce a significant upgrade to already impressive Galaxy S10 camera setup.

According to a new report from SamMobile, both Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy Bloom clamshell foldable smartphones will feature new camera setup that will allow these smartphones to capture video at 8K. Moreover, according to the source, Samsung is set to enable 8K streaming shortly after the launch and Samsung is currently working with Google to enable the feature for YouTube.

If true, then the new camera setup won’t be massively surprising. Although 8K TVs and monitors have made their way into market over last year, there is a lack of 8K contents in the market. If Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Bloom support 8K video recording, it will give people more opportunities to produce such contents.

In case you didn’t know, 8K is still in its early days. However, next generations of televisions and other similar products will feature 7680 x 4320 pixels on the screen or four times more than the current 1080p resolution. Although the contents might not look different on your smartphone, they can look significantly better on 8K screen.

This latest news comes shortly after rumors started surfacing that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will feature a 108MP camera to improve on the already impressive Galaxy S10 camera system. At the moment however, not a lot of details regarding the smartphone are known. Despite that, as we move closer towards the official announcement on February 11, expect more details to come out over next couple of weeks.

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