Play Store Will Stop Showing a Notification after Installing App Updates

Play Store Will Stop Showing a Notification after Installing App Updates

With the number of installed apps in your smartphone, it can be difficult to keep track of notifications related to apps’ updates. However, the feature is pretty handy considering it gives users information regarding when an app was updated. In a surprising move, Google has now decided to stop showing notifications that showed up after an app was updated from the Play Store.

Although Android has provided notifications regarding apps’ updates for a long time, a lot of users complained that they were not getting any notifications regarding updates. While the feature started working for several users, Google recently confirmed that Play Store will stop showing notifications that apps were updated.

If you were expecting to see notification when you manually update apps on your device, you will be disappointed to know that Google is also removing this feature. Moreover, although you will still get a notification when you install an app, it will automatically disappear shortly after installation.

While surprising, Google’s decision to remove the feature shouldn’t be a major shock. If you have a lot of notifications enabled, the notification panel can be extremely difficult to navigate through. As a result, if you are looking to take a look into the possible changes to your favorite apps, you will need to visit their product pages in the Play Store from time to time.

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