OnePlus Showcases Its Concept Phone with Invisible Camera

OnePlus Showcases Its Concept Phone with Invisible Camera

Although OnePlus confirmed that it will be showing off a new concept smartphone at this year’s CES, the company didn’t reveal a lot of information at the time. And now, the smartphone manufacturer has released a new teaser that includes several hints related to the upcoming smartphone. While we will have to wait to find out more, the latest teaser shows that the upcoming smartphone will feature an ‘invisible’ camera as well as “color-shifting glass technology”.

Although you might expect the ‘invisible camera’ is applicable to the front facing camera in order to make the design more appealing, the video shows that the feature will be available for only the cameras at the back. This move isn’t particularly surprising as OnePlus might be trying to create a seamless look for the upcoming smartphone. For instance, hiding the camera at the back will give the company remove the camera bump on the back of the phone, and the color-shifting glass technology could help camouflage it under certain lighting conditions.

Unfortunately, no other information regarding the upcoming smartphone is available at this point. Moreover, it’s unclear if OnePlus is intending to release the smartphone to general public as most of the companies showcase concept phones to display their latest technologies to the general public. Thankfully, CES 2020 is just couple of days away and we should learn about the smartphone in the coming days.

If you are interested, you can check out the teaser shared by OnePlus in the tweet below.

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