Nvidia’s Next Generation GPUs Could Be 50 Percent Faster

Nvidia’s Next Generation GPUs Could Be 50 Percent Faster

Although we are still months away from the official announcement of Nvidia’s next generation GPUs, there hasn’t been shortage of rumors surrounding the upcoming graphics cards. If you are looking to build a new gaming or video editing computer, then you might want to hold on until the new GPU comes out. If a recent report is to be believed, Nvidia is working on GPUs which might be 50 percent faster than its current GPUs.

As you might already know, currently Nvidia is using Turing microarchitecture with its GPUs. However, the report claimed that Nvidia is planning on moving away from the current architecture to Ampere microarchitecture that will use 7nm process. According to the report, Nvidia saw 50 percent performance improvement with the new architecture.

As a result, if you are looking to upgrade your computer and don’t have urgency to do so, you might want to hold off until Nvidia launches its next generation of GPUs. However, we are still a long time away from getting our glimpse into next generation of Nvidia GPUs. As of now, Nvidia is expected to launch next generation GPUs in the second half of this year.

This latest news comes shortly after Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang previously confirmed that the company is planning on using 7nm process with its next generation GPUs. At the moment, TSMC will produce most of the GPUs with Samsung producing a small portion of the graphics cards. However, Huang didn’t confirm any details regarding the release date of the GPUs. But as we move forward, expect to hear more about the upcoming cards in the coming months.

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