Next iPhones Might Feature up to 6GB of RAM

Next iPhones Might Feature up to 6GB of RAM

Although we are still months away from getting this year’s iPhone, new details are coming out on a regular basis. As Apple controls both hardware and software used on the iPhone, the company hasn’t really been forced to use more RAM in iPhones. Despite that, as most of the Android devices come with hefty RAM, average consumers might be put off by the 4GB RAM found in iPhones.

Interestingly, it seems that Apple is planning on more RAM in this year’s iPhone. According to UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri and Munjal Shah, Apple might be looking into increasing the amount of RAM in the iPhone. If the analysts’ prediction is accurate, then Apple is looking to use as much as 6GB of RAM.

However, you should note that some of the iPhones launching in early 2020 might come with 4GB of RAM similar to the last year’s models. As the increased RAM will increase opportunities for developers, it’ll be interesting to see if apps perform better on the new iPhones compared to the earlier models.

For instance, due to hardware limitations, only a number of new devices from 2020 might be eligible for upgrades when Apple releases new versions of iOS in future. However, it is still early days and nothing is certain as of now. If Apple is set to introduce major upgrades in this year’s iPhone models, we should learn about them in the coming months.

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