New Apex Legends Event Starts on January 14

New Apex Legends Event Starts on January 14

EA has announced that new Apex Legends event called the Grand Soirée Arcade will run from January 14 to 28. During the event lasting for a period of 14 days, players will be able to take part in different limited-time game modes to earn special prizes. Moreover, the developers will also roll out new game modes every two days during the event.

According to the official announcement, the event will come with a total of seven rotating limited-time modes. During the event, you will get access to Gold Rush Duos, Kings Canyon After Dark, Third-Person Mode, LIVE.DIE.LIVE, Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge, Always Be Closing, and DUMMIEs Big Day.

If you have been following the game, then you might already know about some of the modes that were available in the past. However, additions like DUMMIEs Big Day are entirely new. Moreover, the event will also introduce the Event Prize Track that allows players to complete challenges to collect Arcade points that can be spent to collect items. moreover, the players will be able to purchase cosmetics directly during the event.

Interestingly, all of the seven limited-time modes will feature three new challenges where players can earn up to 1,000 points every day. EA claimed that it took the decision to introduce the new limit so that players aren’t required to play every day. As for other bonuses, EA revealed that it will be launching a bonus scoring weekend on January 17 where players will be able to earn additional 500 points. You can check out the announcement trailer for the upcoming event below.

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