Mozilla Will Let Users Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

Mozilla Will Let Users Delete Telemetry Data on Firefox

Firefox over last couple of months have introduced features to improve users’ privacy. And now, the company has revealed that the next stable version of Firefox will allow users to option to delete Telemetry data.

As you might already know, similar to other browsers, Firefox collects Telemetry data to improve user experience with stable performance and stability.

When the new option to delete Telemetry data becomes available, users will be able to go to about:preferences#privacy directly or open Menu > Options > Privacy & Security. From there, you will need to uncheck “Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla”. Afterwards, users will be notified that Firefox will automatically delete previously collected data. However, it might take up to 30 days to complete the process.

Mozilla’s latest decision comes as a response to California Consumer Privacy Act which “expands the rights of Californians over their data”. Although Mozilla was expected to make changes only for users in California, the organization has decided to bring the changes to users in other countries. The organization noted, “We call this telemetry data. This telemetry doesn’t tell us about the websites you visit or searches you do; we just know general information, like a Firefox user had a certain amount of tabs opened and how long their session was.”

In case you didn’t know, Mozilla already has limits on how much Telemetry data it collects for each user. However, in order to make it simpler for users to delete collected data, Mozilla has decided to include a button that will help users to control their data.

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