Microsoft to Start Rolling out Chromium Edge without Some Key Features

Microsoft to Start Rolling out Chromium Edge without Some Key Features

If you have been following Microsoft’s Chromium Edge development over the months, then you already know that the company is set to release the Chromium-based version of Edge to Windows 10 users after beta testing. While it’ll be interesting to see how the browser performs, Microsoft has revealed that the company doesn’t have any plan to push the browser to commercial and enterprise devices. Moreover, you can use a Blocker Toolkit to disable automatic delivery of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. This will come as a major disappointment for many fans as they were expecting the browser would be complete.

Although users have praised Microsoft for adopting Chromium, there are several issues that might affect the browser’s popularity. As expected, the number of extensions for Chromium Edge was pretty limited during the beta period. While you can now use Chrome Web Store, there are some problems with the extensions. The company noted:

  • If an extension relies on Google Account functionality to sign in or sync data, it may not work properly in Microsoft Edge.
  • If an extension relies on companion software on your PC, it may not work properly, even if the companion software is installed.
  • Browsing history and extensions do not yet sync between devices. Browsing history is required for Windows Timeline, so you also won’t see browsing history from other devices on your timeline.
  • The Collections feature is now available in some insider channels, but the collections you create will not sync between devices
  • You cannot sync between the insider versions of Microsoft Edge and the current in-market version of Microsoft Edge on your PC.

Despite these problems, it’s likely that the new browser will be pretty popular among fans in the coming months.

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