Microsoft Releases New Features for Edge for iOS

Microsoft Releases New Features for Edge for iOS

Microsoft introduced a new logo for Microsoft Edge earlier on yesterday for Android version of the app. And today, the company released an update to the Edge beta app for iOS through Apple’s TestFlight app.

As expected, the new logo is the first thing you will notice when you launch the application. Along with the new logo, Microsoft introduced several features that were already part of Android beta for couple of days. First of the features brought changes to the syncing settings that lets users choose “The new Microsoft Edge” and “Microsoft Edge Legacy”. Prior to this, the Edge Chromium was known as Edge Insider.

The second feature is a new control center which you can access by tapping on the ellipsis in the center of the navigation bar that will also show different options.

This might be the final update Microsoft introduces as we are just couple of days away from the launch of Chromium Edge. As few weeks earlier, Microsoft noted that the Chromium Edge will come out on January 15th. Thanks to the new features, users will be able to sync the mobile Edge browser with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and macOS. In case you are interested, you can download the Edge Insider for iOS by going here.

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