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Microsoft Releases Launcher Preview for Android

Microsoft Releases Launcher Preview for Android

Microsoft surprised everyone when the company launched Arrow Launcher, now known as Microsoft Launcher for Android few years earlier. The app replaces default system launcher on Android and the app receives updates on a regular basis.

In order to test some of the upcoming features, Microsoft has now released Microsoft Launcher Preview in early access. With the Preview version, users can try out new functionalities that haven’t made their way to the standard app. Microsoft has released the Preview app to get more data and feedback that will help the company to develop the app.

Microsoft said, “Be among the first to help us test brand-new early-stage features as we build an improved version of Microsoft Launcher. The goal of this program is to gain your valuable feedback to improve quality, performance and shape the overall user experience. Give it a try and use the feedback button in the app to let us know what you think. We will have frequent updates to this launcher so check back regularly.”

Moreover, Microsoft revealed that the app has been rebuilt on a new code basis to improve several features including dark mode and landscape mode. However, you should note that the preview release supports some of the features of the standard edition at the time. as a result, some of the features might not work properly or be unstable.

As for new features, the Preview comes with three new features.

  • Personalization with custom icon packs, adaptive icons, and Bing daily images / custom photos as daily changing wallpapers.
  • Dark theme support that is compatible with Android’s dark mode settings.
  • Support for landscape mode to “enhance your viewing preferences”.

In case you are interested in using the standard version of the app, you can download the app by going to the official Play Store page.

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