Lenovo Brings Smart Displays to Office with ThinkSmart View

Lenovo Brings Smart Displays to Office with ThinkSmart View

As technology has improved significantly over last couple of years, smart displays and IOT have become increasingly popular among consumers. However, when you think of smart displays, generally smart devices such as smart speakers come to mind. Most of these devices allow users to watch videos and control different aspects of home through voice commands. If you were looking to bring such functionalities in your workplace, you will be glad to know that Lenovo has announced its new ThinkSmart View to bring those abilities to your workplace.

Although Lenovo has been in the market with its smart display offerings for a while now, the company didn’t release a lot of products geared towards professionals. However, with ThinkSmart View, Lenovo wants to change that. As ThinkSmart View is powered by Microsoft Teams, it will bring a number of capabilities to workers who consistently rely on Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other.

While we will have to wait couple of more days to get our hands on the new smart devices, the ThinkSmart view will be priced at $349 or $449 depending on your needs. Although these devices won’t be cheap by any means, they will provide great solution for those who are looking for cheap alternatives to other enterprise solutions that generally come with hefty price tag.

If rumors are to be believed, then Microsoft is also working on similar devices. Recently the company filed for a patent related to a smart speaker that comes with built-in pico projector that can be used for video conferences. However, it’s too early to tell when or if Microsoft will release the device. Despite that, if the company is to release such product, we should be hearing about it in the coming weeks.

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