IBM Introduces AI to Create Best Advertisements

IBM Introduces AI to Create Best Advertisements

Most of the major companies around the world have started using AI to bring their products to customers. Just recently, Google revealed that it has trained AI that detects breast cancer more accurately than humans. And now, IBM has launched an Advertising Accelerator that will use artificial intelligence to predict best available creatives for advertisements that would improve engagement.

  • According to IBM, the new product will address three crucial factors. These are:
  • Anticipation: Predicts the creative elements to drive engagement
  • Segmentation: Discovers new audience segments based on message resonance to help expand a message to untapped audiences.
  • Revelation: Analyzes each campaign from a creative and audience perspective, extracting insights on the highest and lowest performing experiences.

Talking about the latest initiative, Head of Revenue at IBM Watson Advertising, Jeremy Hlavacek said, “Ad targeting enables marketers to identify core customers, who are often overserved with messages that might not drive immediate action. Advertising Accelerator with Watson aims to address this challenge head-on, arming clients with IBM Watson to help them better engage and understand their target audience.”

With Advertising Accelerator, IBM expects to use AI and its algorithms to help businesses to create advertising strategies that would yield better results in reaching their desired audiences.

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