Hulu Will Get FX’s Content Library on March

Hulu Will Get FX’s Content Library on March

Earlier last year, Disney revealed that the company will be bringing FX’s contents to Hulu this year. Although Hulu already has some of the FX’s shows, the addition will bring several highly popular shows to the streaming network. Thankfully, we now know when Disney will release the contents for Hulu.

As you might already know, Disney currently owns both FX and Hulu. The company recently launched Disney+ which has been a major success and as a result, Disney has decided to expand its offerings for Hulu. This makes a lot of sense for all sorts of different reasons. Although Disney+ has been extremely popular thus far, the streaming network is limited to a family friendly network. As a result, some of the properties owned by Disney might not be available for audiences in the network.

In order to solve this problem, Disney has decided to bring additional contents to Hulu. If you are a subscriber to the streaming platform, then you might already know that Hulu currently has shows like American Horror Story for its customers. Starting from March 2, subscribers will enjoy more contents on the streaming network thanks for addition of contents from FX.

Moreover, the merging will bring a number of exclusives to the network which Hulu expects to help the company significantly against competitors.

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