Google Will Support Chrome on Windows 7 Until 2021

Google Will Support Chrome on Windows 7 Until 2021

As you might already know, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 later this week. However, a lot of customers are still using the operating system and understandably, the question rises if the popular software will continue to receive support moving forward. Thankfully, Google has announced that it will be providing support for Google Chrome for near future.

Earlier on yesterday, Google announced that the company will continue to support the most popular web browser for at least 18 months following the Microsoft’s official support ends. According to Google, those who are still using Windows 7 will continue to receive updates along with security patches until July 15, 2021 at the earliest.

Additionally, Google noted that the company took the decision to benefit all of the users. As a large portion of businesses around the world are still using Windows 7, Google wanted to continue to provide support for Chrome for the legacy operating system moving forward.

This announcement however, isn’t a massive surprise. We are just days away from the release of Edge Chromium and Microsoft will release the browser with full support for Windows 8. As open source Chromium will be supported for Windows 7, Microsoft will continue to support Edge in the coming months.

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