Google Podcasts App Gets New Android Feature

Google Podcasts App Gets New Android Feature

Google Podcasts app can be pretty useful to consume podcasts. Recently, Google has updated the application with an important feature that makes it easier to switch between accounts.

As you might already know, Google Podcasts is pretty reliable for users due to its personalized content recommendations as well as better content management. Although the app was criticized at its launch due to lack of key features that can be found on other similar apps, Google has been adding new features to the app on a regular basis.

Earlier last year, Google updated the content recommendation system of the app. With the new addition, users can find new episodes based on interests. And now, the search engine giant has updated the app with the Android account switcher swipe gesture. If you have been using Android, then you are already familiar with the feature. In order to switch account, you will need to tap on the app’s triple-dot menu to see the signed-in Google accounts. From there, you will be able to remove or add new account. Moreover, you will be able to select if you want to use the app without Google providing you content recommendations.

While a little late, the feature will be extremely useful for those who are using the application in a shared device with someone else. As the feature is available in other Google owned apps, it’s not surprising to see that Google has added the feature to Podcasts app.

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