Google Confirms the Timeline for Phasing out Chrome Apps

Google Confirms the Timeline for Phasing out Chrome Apps

Google initially launched Chrome Apps back in 2013 and since then the web apps have come a long way. As a result, Google announced in 2016 that it is moving away from Chrome Apps. and now, the search engine giant has revealed the timeline of moving away from Chrome Apps.

In the blog post, Anthony Laforge, Technical Director, Chrome Platform Team wrote that web as a platform has made significant progress since Google announced Chrome Apps. As Progressive Web Apps have most of the features of Chrome Apps, the company has decided to proceed with earlier decision.

In case you didn’t know, Google removed the Chrome Apps category from its Web Store completely. While you could still submit Chrome Apps up until now, Google has now revealed that starting from March 2020, developers will no longer be able to submit new Chrome apps. However, developers are welcome to provide updates to their existing apps until June 2022.

As for this year, Google will end support for Chrome apps for Windows, Macs, and Linux. If you are on Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade program, you will have option to extend the support for this year. Additionally, on June 2021, Google will end support on Chrome OS as well as APIs such as NaCl, PNaCl, and PPAPI. Although selected customers will be able to extend support until June 2022, from June the apps will stop working completely.

However, you should note that the latest change will not impact support for Chrome Extensions. If you are a Chrome Apps developer, you can head to the Chrome Apps migration site to learn more details.

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