Firefox 72 Brings New Features to Users

Firefox 72 Brings New Features to Users

Earlier today, Mozilla has released Firefox 72.0 for desktop as well as Firefox for Android 68.4 and Firefox ESR 68.4.0. With the latest update, Mozilla has introduced several features along with options to improve privacy of its users.

If you are using Firefox 71 for Windows, then you might already be using the picture-in-picture feature for a while. With the latest release, Mozilla has brought the feature to Mac and Linux users. Moreover, Fingerprinting scripts are blocked by default with the latest release along with annoying popups.

As for the privacy-oriented features, Firefox 72 will block cross-site tracking thanks to the blocking of fingerprinting by default for all users. In case you didn’t know, digital fingerprints are detailed user profile that provide advertising networks information related to computer, software as well as add-ons. This in turns lead to the personalized advertisements you see around the web. Although the feature was available for a long time, the option is now available for users under Enhanced Tracking Protection.

As for Firefox ESR 68.4, the browser is now available as an open source downloads for supported versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. In case you haven’t received the update, you will need to go to the options to update the browser manually.

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