Facebook Will Let You Know When You Have Used Third-Party App Logins

Facebook Has Started Rolling Out New Desktop Design

Facebook’s problems related to user privacy aren’t something new and the social networking giant has been working to improve users’ experience on the platform over last couple of months. Facebook has recently added a new feature called Facebook Notification that was added to Facebook Login.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook Login is a service that enables users to log into third-party applications using their Facebook accounts. In order to solve possible security issues, Facebook will now send users a notification through both Facebook and Email whenever they use Facebook Login to use a service.

While Facebook wants to simplify the process of detecting unauthorized access or use of their credentials, the new feature will also help users to identify the data they are sharing with the services. In the official blog post, Facebook has noted that it will also include information on what information these services are collecting.

Upon receiving a notification, if users determine that the app is collecting sensitive data, they can simply use the ‘Edit’ button to revoke these services from collecting data from Facebook.

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