Facebook Has Started Rolling Out New Desktop Design

Facebook Has Started Rolling Out New Desktop Design

Although Microsoft had pretty high expectations with its Store to create a unified platform for app distribution on Windows 10, the attempt has been far from successful. So far, the number of apps from third-party developers has been significantly low. As a result, Microsoft has decided to shut down the business and education variants of the platform later this year.

This latest news doesn’t come off as a major surprise. Although the lack of apps on the store has been well documented, a lot of features of the store doesn’t work as intended. In order to solve the problem related to game distribution, Microsoft released a different Xbox app that also contains the company’s games.

And now, a recent report has revealed that Microsoft is shutting down Store for Business and for Education. In case you didn’t know, the Microsoft Store for Business and Education contained minor differences. Although the store was meant to provide businesses and educational organizations more customized features, Microsoft hasn’t updated the platform over a year.

The report claims that Microsoft will discontinue the store by June 30th of this year. However, it’s unclear if the standard store will receive any changes moving forward.

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