AMD Claims It Has 40 Percent of the Market Share in Processor Market

AMD Claims It Has 40 Percent of the Market Share in Processor Market

Although AMD was a major processor manufacturer in the early part of this century, Intel’s rise meant the company would fall behind significantly over last couple of decades. However, AMD has turned its fortune around with new processors and now, PassMark has revealed that AMD currently has 40 percent share of the processor market. This is the first time AMD has met the 40 percent mark since 2006.

While the figure might be impressive, you should note that the data isn’t coming from AMD. Most importantly, PassMark only covers computers that have the software installed in them. Moreover, the software is available for Windows PCs meaning the actual number might be significantly lower than the claimed figure.

PassMark noted, “We do receive a small number of submissions of CPU types other than AMD and Intel, however the percentage is so small as to make it not worth graphing.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Intel reacts to AMD’s increasing market share moving forward. Although AMD has closed the gap over last couple of years, Intel is still the market leader when it comes to gaming computers. However, AMD is currently using 7nm process while Intel is still using its 14nm process. As a result, Intel processors are providing higher clock speeds than AMD’s current processors.

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