Amazon Confirms Its Looking for Actor to Reprise Jack Reacher in the Upcoming Series

Amazon Confirms Its Looking for Actor to Reprise Jack Reacher in the Upcoming Series

As you might already know, Jack Reacher is coming to Amazon as the network confirmed that it is currently working on a series based on Lee Child’s works. Interestingly, the network confirmed that the character will go through some changes.

Interestingly, Amazon President Jennifer Salke said that the network is looking for someone who can emulate the character in the books rather than the big screen version. She said, “It’s pretty interesting. I spent a lot of time talking to David Ellison about this. We really are determined to find somebody who can embody that character for Lee [Child] and for all of us. We think that is a great thing and that’s what we want to do. So, you may see us take our time really making sure we find that person whether they exist in our purview or they are a new discovery from somewhere. So, we’re going to do an extensive exploration of who could step into those big, big shoes.”

If you have followed the movie, then Salke’s comments might not be particularly surprising. Although Cruise has provided decent performance in the movies, fans were not particularly impressed with the actor’s casting choice. Moreover, Lee Child recently said that those who are involved with the show are looking for the perfect actor to resemble the character from the source materials. Most importantly, Child thinks that Tom Cruise is too old to play the character. As we haven’t seen a lot of the character just yet, it’ll be interesting to see how Amazon moves forward with the casting choices.

As for the release date of the series, Amazon hasn’t confirmed any details regarding the upcoming series. However, we should learn more about the casting choices as well as storylines in the coming months as the studio finds the desired casting members.

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