Amazon Brings Back FedEx for Third-Party Sellers

Amazon Brings Back FedEx for Third-Party Sellers

In a surprising move, Amazon banned its third-party sellers from using FedEx Ground and Home to deliver their products just before the holiday season in 2019. As expected, the decision had very minimal impact on Amazon’s delivery time. However, a lot of businesses encountered problems during the holiday season due the company’s decision. And now, Amazon has brought back the service to the third-party sellers on the platform.

If you have been following both companies, then Amazon’s decision didn’t come off as a major shock. For a while, Amazon has claimed that FedEx’s performance has been declining over the years. On the other hand, FedEx ended its contract with Amazon earlier last year claiming the retail giant account for a small portion of its business.

Thankfully, Amazon has decided to bring back FedEx to its merchants. In a recent email, the company noted that FedEx has started to meet its expectations which resulted in the latest decision. As a result, third-party business can use FedEx Ground and Home to ship their products.

Despite the new announcement, a number of sellers are still frustrated with the company’s decision considering they were forced to make changes to their shipping infrastructure just before the holiday season that accounts for majority of the sales.

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