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Konami Is Developing Two New Silent Hill Titles

Although Silent Hill remains to be one of the most popular video game series of all time, there hasn’t been any new titles in recent years. While we learned that Konami was working on a new Silent Hill game few years earlier, the game never became a reality. If you are a fan of the series, you will be glad to know that we finally know that Konami is working on two new Silent Hill games.

This news is surprising considering we haven’t heard anything related to Silent Hill over last couple of years. When the rumors first started coming out, Hideo Kojima was still working at Konami. However, as Kojima had left the company shortly afterwards, fans were concerned about the future of the franchise.

Thankfully, a new tweet by Aesthetic Gamer claims that the company is working on two new Silent Hill titles. According to the tweet, Konami actually reached out to a number of developers to scour for ideas on how to bring the series back to life. It seems that Konami was satisfied with the result and has chosen two ideas.

Moreover, Aesthetic Gamer claimed that one of the pitches was actually a soft reboot. On the other hand, one idea was an episodic-style kind of game similar to TellTale/Until Dawn. At the moment however, it’s unclear how Konami will move forward with the titles.

If the tweet is accurate, then Konami will at least announce one of the titles later this year. Given we haven’t heard anything from the company itself, it will be interesting to see if Konami reveals any more details regarding the upcoming titles in the coming months. If you are interested, you can check out Aesthetic Gamer’s tweet below.

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