Twitter Announces New Feature that Will Let Users Follow Specific Topics

Twitter Announces New Feature that Will Let Users Follow Specific Topics

According to a recent report from The Verge, Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Topics to let users follow contents they are interested in. Shortly after the report, the company confirmed that the feature will be launched this week and will be rolling out globally on November 13.

In case you are wondering, the feature will work similarly to how users on the platform follow accounts. Instead of following accounts, users will be able to follow more than 300 interests. Moreover, the company revealed that contents on the timeline will come from accounts with higher credibility.

However, you should note that the topics won’t contain any tweet related to politics. This move isn’t surprising considering recently Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will stop showing political ads on the platform as he said that he believes that political reach “should be earned, not bought”. At the moment, we will have to wait few more days as the company will release detailed policies on politics later on November 13.

The latest addition comes as Twitter has changed its approach towards contents earlier this year. Few months earlier, the company announced that it wants to make it easier for everyone to find contents and control their experiences on the platform. Moreover, the company introduced an option to hide replies to create positive engagements on the network.

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