Samsung Wants to Increase Sales of Foldable Smartphone Next Year

Samsung Wants to Increase Sales of Foldable Smartphone Next Year

After years of anticipation, Samsung finally unveiled its first foldable smartphone earlier this year. While the initial release didn’t go according to the plan, the company released Galaxy Fold with the company reportedly has more foldable devices in works if recent rumors and teasers are to be believed. And now, during the annual Samsung AI forum in Seoul, DJ Koh has confirmed that the company intends to sell more foldable devices next year.

If you have followed news related to Samsung, then the latest claim shouldn’t come off as a major surprise. Samsung has been teasing about several foldable devices for a while now. For instance, at SDC 2019 the company confirmed that it is considering clamshell form factor for a future foldable smartphone.

While we have heard for a while that Samsung wants to ship about 6 million foldable smartphones next year, DJ Koh didn’t confirm any figures during the event. However, it’s not surprising since Samsung still working on different foldable devices. Recent reports have claimed that Samsung intends to ship about 10 million devices but since then it has cut it down to more realistic goal of 6 million foldable devices.

Given foldable smartphones are still in early days, it’ll be interesting to see how the technology moves forward in the coming years. As the technology evolves, it’s likely that we will see increased sales of foldable devices in the coming years.

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