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Riot Won’t Be Changing Format of World Championship

Riot Won’t Be Changing Format of World Championship

Although League of Legends World Championships over the years have featured single eliminations, many fans were expecting a change in the format going forward. If you are one of such fans, you will be disappointed to know that the company has no plans to change the format of the World Championships.

Riot’s latest comments came via Tyler Erzberger who revealed that when asked about possible changes to the existing format, Riot has revealed it won’t be changing the format in the near feature. When asked to provide some explanations, Erzberger revealed that Riot is interested in making the knockout rounds feel ‘do-or-die’ to make it easier for newer fans to understand the tournament’s format.

As of now, the World Championship features a 12-team double round-robin play-in group stage that ultimately leads to 16-team double round-robin main event group stage. After the completion of group stage, the tournament concludes with eight-team single elimination playoffs.

As a result, a large number of fans have over the years have asked the company to introduce double-eliminations. The proponents argue that the single-eliminations mean a better team might lose despite dominating in the group stage. However, those who support single-eliminations often argue that if a team is truly strong, it would end up winning anyways.

While most of the esports have adopted the double-eliminations over last couple of years, it seems that Riot has no intention to introduce a new format in the near future. You can check out Erzberger’s latest tweet below.

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